• Products Used:

    To ensure your car gets the best finish both inside and out, I use only Autosmart premium products.


Hand Wash

A great way to make your car shine again.

Prices from £10

Wash Vac Windows

A nice way to give your car a quick freshen up.

Prices from £20

Mini Valet

The medium package that makes the interior and exterior of your car shine.

Prices from £30

Showroom Valet

Makes your car feel like it's brand new and straight from the showroom with that new car smell and feel.

Prices from £50


We have a range of extras that can be added to any package.

Prices from £1

  • Engine Bay Cleaning

    Edge Valeting LTD will always take great care when cleaning your engine bay. We cannot, however, be held responsible for any faults that occur in the aftermath of the cleaning process.

  • Please Note

    Edge Valeting LTD holds the right to amend any prices without notice and upon inspection of any vehicles.

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