Showroom Valet

A 13 step deep exterior clean is completed comprising of:

  1. Pre spray to remove traffic debris
  2. Remove Tar, Bugs and Tree sap
  3. Jet rinse to include wheel arches
  4. Clean engine bay
  5. Clean fuel filler cap
  6. Hand wash using premium Autosmart shampoo
  7. Second Jet Rinse
  8. Wheels cleaned with PH Neutral wheel cleaner

  9. Spray car with Aquawax rinse aid to reduce water marks
  10. Dry car using 100% cotton drying towel
  11. Dry wheels and dress tires with tire shine
  12. Polish paintwork
  13. Polish exhaust pipes

The following 10 interior steps are also carried out:

  1. Deep clean dashboard, dials and vents
  2. Center console cleaned
  3. Door pockets tidied and cleaned
  4. Clean glove box
  5. Carpets, mats and seats vacuumed
  6. Remove any marks from mats and seats
  7. Boot vacuumed
  8. Door jambs cleaned
  9. Windows cleaned - Polish and buff
  10. Complimentary Air freshener

Prices start from £50

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